Akaravita Sangananda Thero
Message from the Chief Incumbent of Dhammadeepa Meditation Centre, Ven. Akaravita Sanghananda Thero

The unique identity of the Sinhalese is their virtuous behaviour that is nurtured by the Buddhist culture through long civilisation. It clearly shows us that the cultural disciplines and values have helped us to enlighten and brighten our lives irrespective of the place we live in, in this world. Especially in a multicultural country like Australia, exhibiting our cultural values will pave the way to disseminate the message of the pride of our heritage to the world.

Dandenong Dhammadeepa Mediation Centre commenced 14 years ago. Even though we live thousands of miles away from our motherland, I have the great pleasure of praising the efforts of the Sinhalese community, to build temples and live according to the thoughts of the religion and the guidance of our religious leaders.
This meditation centre commenced in 1994 at Henley street and shifted to Hemmings street in 1995. Since the inception of the centre, it has been able to continually conduct the daily rituals, mediation classes on Saturdays and to conduct the "Daham Pasal" on Sundays.
In addition, annual Katina Pinkama, Vesak lanterns for the Vesak Festival and Bakhthi Gee are held with the participation and the assistance of all Melbournians.

The launching of the Hela Jaya Cultural Youth Group in the middle of 2008, is another milestone for the centre. I would like to introduce this effort as a program which endeavours to assist the younger generation to learn the Buddhist culture, tradition, values and the religion whilst adding value to their lives. The group is expecting to implement many more activities in the future

May the noble Triple Gems protect you all.